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About Pardic

PARDIC is a strategic African based international Research and Development consortium affiliated with the Nigerian Defense Academy Kaduna State Nigeria, that Provide reliable solutions through professional services and Short Model Professional Training and Courses, including Educational publications and media productions, Workshop and Seminars in over 1000 areas of human, capital, industrial, and general organizational and management problems across the globe which include effective personal development and employment generation strategies, professional business skills development, effective leadership and management problem solutions, effective SME industrial production development strategies, I.C.T and Networking based Solutions, Tracking Technology Management ,Disaster Management, Peace and Conflict Management , with much emphasis on areas such as occupational health and safety technology management for general industries, effective administrative and leadership management for general organizational structure , effective human resources and recruitment management for general employment and organizational processes ,recycling and waste technological management for general recycling industries ,Model Entrepreneurship skills development for Academicians and modern Entrepreneurs, SME industrial production Training for Small and Medium Scale industrial owners, SME Industrial and Agro Allied machine construction and fabrication techniques for African foundries and small manufacturing enterprises across the globe

To have a vibrant African science community addressing the continent’s Government, and private sector general policy issues through Research and Development services and training. PARDIC’s three core programs bring together the right mix of universities, research institutions, government, private sectors, policy actors, researchers and academics to:

• Establish and sustain partnerships at national/regional and international levels for advancing research, higher education and training;

• Facilitate the creation of policy and research communities; • Enhance the institutionalization of a research culture in Africa’s universities, research organizations, private companies and businesses

• Coordinate a collaborative Master of Research and Public Policy with universities in Africa and beyond.

To create an advancing research community of excellence for rapid human, capital, industrial, and economic development in governance, private sectors on general organizational policies in Africa.


Our main goal is to build a community where practice and thought are fortified with excellent research and innovative high quality training, to seek strategic and sustainable partnerships by strengthening the existing ones and forging new ones, through creative outreach and communication to government and private research and policy communities, for development and quality control across all organizational structures in order to achieve the successful implementation of programs for a rapid and sustainable development of institutions and their financial policies. We hope to measure the impact of our work, not by the number of people who benefit from PARDIC’s services, and training programs, but by how evidence is translated from research into social and public policy that addresses the current and future key development needs of Africa.


• Enhance the research and educational capabilities of tertiary institutions, technical educational centers, private companies in Nigeria and beyond especially in the areas of importance to national development and defense, such as Human, capital, industrial and Security management.

• Encourage various Government departments to participate in research and development activities, testing and evaluation programs.

• Increase the number of self-employed graduates from tertiary institutions and technical educational centers engaged in our Training, workshop, seminars, media programs and publications in various disciplines of importance to national development and security

• Encourage research and educational collaborations between public and private tertiary institutions, technical educational centers, private companies and other institutions of higher education, including government defense organizations and industries

• Provide a unified voice to effectively articulate the strategically important role of Research and Development initiatives in Africa.

• Effectively develop critical technological innovations that can be transitioned into sustainable economic growth and commercial applications in the public and private sectors across the world.

• Maximize the collaborative linkages and potential capabilities of various government departments and tertiary institutions, technical educational centers, private companies through the necessary synergy to enhance their productivity.

• Improve research facilities of government and Non-governmental organization in the public and private sectors through international collaboration and funding





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